Central City Rollergirls
CCR Centrinnians vs LRR All Stars

On Saturday 19th May CCR’s Centrinnians take on London Rockin’ Rollers All Stars. Following a hard fought battle in the Tattoo Freeze Tournament Final back in January, which saw LRR win the tournament, CCR’s Centrinnians will be looking to end their season with a win in style in front of a home crowd. Definitely a not to be missed roller derby day out!

Date: Saturday 19th May
Venue: Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham
Doors Open: 1:30pm
Bout Start: 2:30pm

£8 each
12 -16 concessions £5
U12’s free

If you buy in advance you can take advantage of our 5 for the price of 4 offer. So gather some friends and enjoy a day out at the Roller Derby! Purchase your tickets in advance here

CCR Centrinnians vs LRR All Stars

CCR Raging Belles 278 Wirral Whipteres 22

Report to follow.

DOUBLE TROUBLE - CCR serve up Derby feast.


CCR ‘Centrinnians’ 167 AULD REEKIE ROLLER GIRLS ‘Twisted Thistles’ 131

In a double-header on March 10th 2012, CCR hosted two leagues from the North of the UK and both bouts saw CCR battle tirelessly to the finish.

In the second bout of the day, the league’s A Team, Centrinnians, met with Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) in a milestone bout, their first as full WFTDA members. For Centrinnians it proved to be sixth time lucky as they bagged their first win against long-term (friendly) rivals, ARRG.

The game started off cautiously with neither team scoring in the first jam. In the next few jams the game remained close, typical of past meetings between CCR and ARRG, as CCR held the lead by one point.

The first sizeable lead of the day was experienced when CCR extended their lead during a couple of power plays in close succession to make it 46 – 21 in their favour. CCR had another couple of power plays before the half was out but ARRG defense during this time kept them from being too damaging to their scoreline. The half ended with the scores standing CCR 84- ARRG 52.

The start of the second half remained close; Jammers were exiting the packs hip to hip causing some quick jams that rarely went to more than one scoring pass, if that. ARRG  then received a power play, which despite some good bridging from CCR blockers to keep the jammer in the pack as long as possible, they were able to exploit effectively bringing the scores to only a three point difference, CCR 84 – 81 ARRG.

Riled up by scoreline,  ARRG then took to the lead for the first time in the game, making the scores CCR 84 – ARRG 90, and mirroring the first game of the day, both teams took turns to enjoy power plays opportunities in the jams that followed.

ARRG drew their lead out to 116 – 95 at one point, but CCR were determined to get that win on home turf. They regained the lead following a power jam making the scores CCR 134 – 119 ARRG. ARRG did not give up but were unable to claw back the deficit before the end of the game. After a nail-biting and amazing 60 minutes of Derby, the final whistle went at CCR 167 – ARRG 131.

Roster:  82 Hustle’Her(Captain); 3 Tinchy Slider; 04 Lex Brawl; 19 Woo-Ha!; 20 Billie Whizz; 27 Germaine Leer; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 45 Beth Metal; 54 D’Elusive Del; 84 Tenacity; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 69 Verry Cherry; 119 Scarlett McCabre; 666 Tragic Wrath;

Bench Manager: Barry Fight; Line Up Manager: Block Star

Crowd Pleaser – Tinchy Slider  MVP – Hustle Her

DOUBLE TROUBLE - CCR serve up Derby feast.


CCR ‘Slay Belles’ 123 MANCHESTER ROLLER DERBY ‘CheckerBroads’ 135
In a double-header on March 10th 2012, CCR hosted two leagues from the North of the UK and both bouts saw CCR battle tirelessly to the finish. The league’s Slay Belles met with Manchester Roller Derby one year on from beating them in Manchester in a closely-fought game and this bout was no different – with both sides pushing hard and fast to try for victory.

CCR had a rabble of fresh faces on the squad, mixed in with seasoned Slays, and the new line-up saw some impressive tight walls, offensive plays and some tenacious jamming. MRD took the lead in the first jam and called it off after scoring 5 points, and CCR caught up in the third jam. 

With jammers from both teams doing a Fun-House style swap in the box, both teams had powerjams to exploit in the first half and CCR crept into the lead with 49-40. MRD used a knee start after CCR’s jammer was sent to the box again and clawed the lead back 59-63.

Despite some big hits and valiant pack work by CCR’s blockers, and both teams drawing level at 99-99 in the second half, MRD kept their cool to run out winners by 135 – 123.

Roster:  1337 Incredible Hulse (Captain); 19 Woo-Ha(Co-Captain); MC5 Kitty Killa; 10 Bunny Massacre; 12 Little Nicky; 29 Gerty Go-Go; 54 D’elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 73 SweetFighter; 360 X-Blox; 404 Typhoid Mary; 707 Jelly Mean; 800 GhouldieLocks; 5000 Boots Manuva;

Bench Manager: Barry Fight; Line Up Manager: Agent Dana Scurry 

Best Jammer – Typhoid Mary; Best Blocker – Bunny Massacre; MVP – Woo-Ha

They came from the North…. CCR take on ARRG and MRD.

Playing on home turf makes for a secure and special event, and after making the squad for the Centrinnians, this could be, roster permitting,  my first ever home game playing for CCR. I joined CCR in September 2011 after moving away from my old league Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (whose relationship with CCR is kind of like the special relationship the UK and the US have, without the exchange of weapons and secret handshakes).

Being a transfer skater is pretty daunting – you have to hit the ground running to learn new tactics, different names for drills, a whole new bunch of skater names/ real names – but as CCR is one of the friendliest leagues in the UK, it was pretty easy to settle in.

Six months on, getting a place on the Centrinnians means I have to prove I’ve got the chops to deserve my spot, and if I get to play ARRG on Saturday 10th March,  it will be doubly exciting as they are the league I played my first closed bout against (they won, and were thoroughly lovely to us).

In a general sense, what makes it an even bigger deal is CCR are facing their biggest opponents – Auld Reekie Rollergirls  – who they have played five times before and are yet to beat them.

A brief history lesson…pay attention at the back….back when roller derby was a completely different beast, CCR were the first league to play ARRG back in April 2009, when ARRG won 142 – 132 and the rematch in may 2009 was 175 – 124 in ARRG’s favour. They met again during the rounds at Roll Britannia in July 2009 (ARRG got through to the semi-final).  In October 2010 at Stop Jammertime, CCR played hard but ARRG won with 73 – 59, and again at the 2011 Tattoo Freeze.

It’s been a year since they have seen each other on track, and both have different line ups  so how it will go is anyone’s guess, which should make for an exciting game.

There is also another bout on the same day (value for money and top entertainment, you really are spoiling us..) with CCR’s Slay Belles taking on Manchester Roller Derby  – last time during a nail-biting game in the North, CCR claimed victory with 92 to MRD’s 73.

Betty Bloodshed is facing the prospect of playing as a Slay Belle for the first time, after transferring from Hellfire Harlots, and says she’s proud to be part of it. “It’s like a whole family affair and we get to show the Derby world how we do bouts.  If I make the roster, I’m most looking forward to that moment before my first jam,  when I’m lining up with my new team mates about to rock it!”

It would be safe to say that this bout is a pretty big deal, for me, for Betty, for the people who make up CCR, MRD and ARRG and for all league’s fans – it’s going to be a grand day out, so get your tickets before they sell out here.

LRG ‘Harbour Grudges’ 305 CCR ‘Centrinnians’ 34

For their first games as WFTDA Full Members Central City Rollergirls (CCR) travelled down to London Rollergirls’ home venue of Earls Court on Saturday 3rd March to take on one of LRG’s intra league teams, Harbour Grudges (HG), and while things didn’t exactly go to plan, it was another valuable learning experience for the new look Centrinnians line-up.

CCR entered the game fresh from their win against Rainy City Roller Girls in February and Harbour Grudges were eager to assert their prowess after going 1-1 so far in the LRG 2012 home season.

In the first jam of the game HG’s jammer escaped the pack early but on their way to their first scoring pass got sent to the box. CCR were able to complete a full scoring pass before their opposition’s jammer returned to the game making the scores 5 – 4 in CCR’s favour. In the next jam although CCR’s jammer exited the pack first HG’s jammer caught up and forced an early call off. HG’s piled on the speed and pressure, and in the next jam took the lead making the scores 28 – 5 in their favour. In the rest of the half HG’s exploited power jams effectively and held solid walls strecthing their lead to 112 – 24 by the end of the first 30 minutes of play.

Despite the score being so heavily weighted against them, CCR came out in the second half determined to enjoy the rest of the game. No matter how daunting the score line, tight the wall in front of their jammers, or how many times they got hit onto the cold, hard, concrete floor, CCR never gave up. The defensive pressure put on CCR and Velcro-like abilities of HG’s jammer killers kept their scores low for the rest of the game. The speed of the HG jammers enabled them to rack up points until the game ended 305 – 34 in the home teams favour.

A rowdy CCR fun bus headed back to Birmingham with a lot of inspiration and determination to regain their winning form.

ROSTER: 82 Hustle’Her (Captain); 3 Tinchy Slyder; 04 Lex Brawl; 10 Bunny Massacre; 19 Woo-Ha!; 20 Billie Whizz; 27 Germaine Leer; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 43 Beth Metal; 54 D’Elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 84 Tenacity; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 100 Dynomite Bo;

AWARDS: MVP – Hustle’Her, Best Jammer – Hustle’Her, Best Blocker – Lethal Sizzle
Photo courtesy of Iona Photo

On Saturday 10th March CCR’s Centrinnians will be keen to get back on the right track in their first Sanctioned Bout as Full WFTDA members when they take on Auld Reekie Roller Girls’ Twisted Thistles back on home turf. CCR’s ‘Slay Belles’ also take on Manchester Roller Derby in the double header. You can get your tickets early at a discounted price here.


Last time we had Tiger Bay, this time we have CCR of Birmingham! They take on Harbour Grudges as unbeaten UFs and SRs fight it out!

Earls Court 3rd March!

120 minutes of full on roller derby action brought to you by Central City Rollergirls, Birmingham.CCR Slay Belles vs Manchester Roller Derby then the CCR Centrinnians take on Auld Reekie Roller Girls!DATE:Saturday 10th March 2012TIMES:Doors open at 1pmFirst game at 2pmSecond game at 4.30pmVENUE:Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre TICKETS: Available now via paypal from HERE
Online pre-sale prices £7/£4or on the door (limited availability)price £8 (£5 concessions)or in person from any CCR girl or guy.Hope to see you there!

120 minutes of full on roller derby action brought to you by Central City Rollergirls, Birmingham.

CCR Slay Belles vs Manchester Roller Derby then the CCR Centrinnians take on Auld Reekie Roller Girls!

Saturday 10th March 2012

Doors open at 1pm
First game at 2pm
Second game at 4.30pm

Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre 

Available now via paypal from HERE

Online pre-sale prices £7/£4
or on the door (limited availability)
price £8 (£5 concessions)

or in person from any CCR girl or guy.
Hope to see you there!

On Sunday 19th February CCR will be holding their Lazy Sunday Afternoon fundraiser! There will be some lovely bingo and a rather fabulous pub quiz complete with fun challenge rounds.The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!Sunday 19th February1pm till 5pmBingo followed by a quiz, win edible/drinkable prizes!Kids welcome! Raising funds to get CCR to Dublin!

On Sunday 19th February CCR will be holding their Lazy Sunday Afternoon fundraiser! There will be some lovely bingo and a rather fabulous pub quiz complete with fun challenge rounds.

The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sunday 19th February
1pm till 5pm
Bingo followed by a quiz, win edible/drinkable prizes!
Kids welcome! 

Raising funds to get CCR to Dublin!

Centrinnians hold off the Rain, RCRG 113 CCR 150

In their previous meeting, Central City Rollergirls (CCR) beat Rainy City Roller Girls (RCRG) by just one point, and at RCRG’s Thunderdome on Saturday 11th February it was clear both teams were hungry for a decisive win.

Both teams had players who were part of  World Cup Team England squad, and the bout started with one from each league on the jam line. The first few jams saw smart calling by experienced jammers,  and by the start of the third jam there were no points on the board for either team.

A power play in RCRG’s favour saw them taking the first lead of the day with the jam ending 17 – 3 to RCRG, but the tables  turned and it was CCR’s turn to exploit a power play situation. A 25 point jam reversed the lead and took the scores to CCR 28 -17 RCRG. CCR retained their lead with tight pack work,  and tenacious jammers throughout the first half and (a few power plays later) at the half time whistle they had extended their lead to CCR 118 – 69 RCRG.

In the second half both sides were down on numbers on the track, and busy in the penalty box, yet  blockers from both teams did exceptionally well – staying focused, being tactically aware and proving they could still hold their walls with less bodies making them.

Although behind for almost all the game, RCRG didn’t give up, but the lead gained by CCR in the first half of the game was too much for them to make up with the game closing at 150 CCR – 113 RCRG.

ROSTER: 82 Hustle’Her (Captain); 3 Tinchy Slyder; 04 Lex Brawl; 19 Woo-Ha!; 20 Billie Whizz; 27 Germaine Leer; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 43 Beth Metal; 54 D’Elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 84 Tenacity; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 100 Dynomite Bo; 666 Tragic Wrath;

AWARDS: MVP – Hustle’Her, Best Jammer – BillieWhizz, Best Blocker – Lex Brawl

Who are CCR? #33K Rollin Rat

What he says…

“Once you go Rat, you never go back”

What they say…

Rat has been a dedicated member of CCR from the get go – always taking the time to explain calls to girls, and double checking with the ref crew over calls to make sure the rules are always up-kept

- Verry Cherry

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

Some girls I used to work with were involved so used to tell me about it. I was set a bet that if I dressed in Derby attire to a practice (tutu etc) my mate (a skater at the time) would pay my £5 dues. But before I had chance CCR had a Scruffy’s fundraiser so we agreed I would do it then. I went shopping for said items (which probably cost about £20) then went to Scruffy’s on the Friday night. I have not looked back since. I got a real feel for the sport, it’s really interesting and exciting to watch. I get to tell girls off for a change. I guess I also stuck around for a certain other skater too but I can’t’ see myself without Roller Derby now. THIS IS MY LIFE.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

Not really, it was decided in a Pub by Cherry and Twist. I was going to be Pack Rat but it was taken so I had a think and because you are on wheels and Roland Rat was an 80’s icon I went with that. The number looks like EEK.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

Female – Bonnie D Stroir – I have her Autograph

Male – Quadzilla – I wanna jump that far

Hottest piece of kit?

None. It’s all about the skater and not what wheels or trucks you have

What’s your ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit?

My yellow ref whistle – it looks like cheese

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

Check over the Rules

Finally, what’s your ultimate derby goal?

To Referee CCR v LRG in a fully sanctioned WFTDA Bout!

CCR Gotta Roll With It…

This weekend sees Central City Rollergirls travel to Manchester, with the Centrinnians taking on the Rainy City Roller Girls.

CCR and RCRG have met on the track twice previously. Both of these bouts saw nail bitingly narrow victories giving the head to head score of one a piece.

In February 2010 RCRG beat CCR 115-104 in Birmingham, while November 2010 saw CCR return the favour by beating RCRG in Manchester. A 5-0 final jam saw CCR overturn a 4 point deficit and edge home by one point with the bout finishing 85 – 84.

Saturday 11th February will be the first time CCR visit RCRG in their new warehouse home ‘The Thunderdome’ and you can be sure both teams will be going all out to make it 2-1 in their favour.

Tickets are available online for the bargain price of £7 (plus charges). If you can’t make the trip up the M6 this Saturday you can follow all  the action with our updates from CCR on twitter.

Who are CCR? #5000 Boots Manuva

What she says…

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” (channelling Gandalf)

What they say…

“It’s like hitting a tree!”

– Scarlet McCabre during a hitting drill

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

I was at the cinema when a trailer for Whip it came on. My friend turned to me and said “that film looks ok, do you want to see it?” To which I replied, “See it? I want to be in it!” After getting back from the cinema I did a bit of facebook detectivery and found CCR – I think some of my friends had ‘liked’ their page and a couple of mutual friends had been tagged in pictures at bouts. I attended a free skate event full of nerves and excitement and was taken such good care of I went back for more. I love how inclusive the sport is. All ages, sizes, backgrounds, occupations, Derby welcomes everyone. Oh and hitting people of course, Derby replaces that love/hit relationship that I miss since growing out of sibling rivalry with my brothers.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

Everyone wants a name that is kind of personal to them, but it’s soooo hard to chose and find one that hasn’t been taken. I originally wanted ‘Block Belt Jones’ as I love Blaxploitation films but it was similar to about a million girls in my league in one way or another so started looking for names for one of my other loves, rap, and ended up at Boots Manuva. My number has two meanings, Roots Manuva talks about a next type of motion in his song Motion 5000,which being on skates is, also 5000 is the ultimate bus tombola win. Bus tombola is a game we used to play on the way to Monday practices so it’s a shout out to my old school bus crew too.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

I’m still learning so much about the game my derby idol changes with every game I watch. I usually pick bits of a person and try to break down bits of what they do and ask for our coaches to help me develop it some way. Our coaches and veterans are awesome pools of knowledge and very patient with my endless questions.

Hottest piece of kit?

All that stuff really goes over my head although I’m still on the look out for some of that magic water they all got powers from in Space Jam! My can’t be without piece of kit would have to be socks! Really pretty knee high socks are all good but I love my Rugby socks that support my feet that little bit better – my boots don’t seem to fit quite as good and feet tend to be a little achey without them!

And finally, what is your ultimate Derby goal?

To star as myself in ‘Whip It 2: Boots’ story to glory.’

Who are CCR? #69 Verry Cherry

What she says…

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

What they say…

“Get Cherry out the equation”

– Dynomite Bo to her team when opposing Cherry at a practice.

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

My mate knew someone who knew someone who did it, so she gave me a flyer as we where the “alternative” people at work.  Went to a fundraiser, but didn’t have the guts to sign up as I thought you needed to be able to skate first.  So about six months later I though jack this I want to skate and here I am now…. back in the day we only trained once a week so couldn’t wait for the weekend to come around! Also CCR was very committed to training people up, learning the skills and tactics needed and not rush anything so I felt I was getting ready for something important and worthwhile and not a flash in the pan type of affair. What made me fall in love with Derby is the fact that it was a sport that embraced all that most sports are not, the sport needs women of all sizes to work at its best, so there is a place for everyone to fit in.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

My number represents that everyone should get a bit and give a bit in life. You give you take you win you lose ‘tis the way of the 69! My name is from the Aerosmith song “pink”  I wanted  name that I could live up to so no point having “faster pussycat” or “death blocker” as I didn’t know what sort of player I’d become.  So Verry Cherry just means I’m cheeky and fruity and just so…verry! As I always give my all!

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

Mine is Fox Sake from LRG.  In a non creepy way I’ve watched her progression from a good blocker to an amazing all round player (that’s what I’d like to be one day.) Her jamming, blocking and pivoting are all top notch.  What’s more she is really nice in person, has taken the time more than once to offer help, support and training to CCR and all without the “look at me” mentality.  What a star!

Hottest piece of kit?

I love my Riedell white 265’s (best xmas gift ever) with mojo wheels.  I can’t rate Smiths Scabs high enough for your knees.  You only get one set of knees in life; save your pennies on a wheels blow out until you have good knee pads! Ok this sounds really cheese on toast, but it’s the mental kit that important, knowing that I do everything I can to make myself a better player and a little touch of self belief is the best kit I can have.  But metal plates do make a difference…..nice and sturdy! For me, my ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit is black eyes and red lips, but it’s not a derby thing just the way I like to face life! Also Ventalin is quite important as I’m asthmatic, sorry not very glam but I’d be dead without it!

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

I like to have a bit of time to do some off skates stretches and stuff, though this normally turns into a bizarre dance routine as people join in… For food, I like some grilled mackerel and many a cup of tea, then when I get to the venue have a nibble on proteins such as nuts, meat or cheese.  I then have a red bull and go crazy!

And Finally, your favourite post-bout tipple?

Gin n Tonic, then a pint of cider….then a mixture of anything!